Samsung’s virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, was launched back in September last year. The company has only offered it for sale in the U.S. and apart from Samsung only Best Buy is selling the device and that too through its website. That changes soon. 100 selected Best Buy stores across the country will keep the Gear VR in stock and will also offer trials to potential customers.

Sammobile reports that from February 8th customers will be able to try and purchase a Gear VR directly at 100 selected Best Buy locations in the United States. Each store will be provided two Galaxy Note 4 units to use with the virutal reality headset. These handsets will be preinstalled with Gear VR retail mode for giving trials to customers.

Only one unit will be used at a time while the other will be plugged in for charging. Once charge runs out on the unit in use it will be immediately be swapped with the fully charged unit.

This is said to be a test program that Samsung is conducting to get feedback from potential customers about its first virtual reality headset. Samsung will reportedly expand this trial and purchase program to other Best Buy locations if the response is good.

Four key demos will be provided to interested customers. Milk VR, Transformers, 360 Photos and TheBlu for those who want more of a gaming experience with the VR headset. All demos will last three minutes.

Samsung Gear VR is available for purchase right now through Best Buy’s website. It costs $199 and requires a Note 4 to function.

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