Have you played Half-Life before? Now that was a game which certainly captured the imagination of the masses, although the weapons change speed were nowhere near that of Quake in a multiplayer frag fest. I personally liked the idea of this Russian Roulette style of play – by planting trip mines on spawn points, which could lead to many frags if you were lucky, or you could end up being on the receiving end yourself. Well, Gordon Freeman, the main protagonist in the first title, was slim and svelte as a scientist back then – but it seems as though life has taken a toll on him according to this short fan film known as Half-Life 3: Unannounced.

The movie can be viewed above, where it has been made by Fence Post Productions over in New Zealand, and it showed Gordon Freeman off as bored, overweight – and still lonely after all these years. Pretty sad, actually, but at least it is something to turn the tide over at least until Valve releases something new concerning the franchise – if ever. What do you think of fan-made films? Perhaps there is talent that might be snapped up by game or movie studios down the road as they see a diamond in the rough.

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