hanmacWhen it comes to blinged out handsets, there are many examples to pick from – and the most recent one would be the Valentine’s Day edition of the iPhone 6 from the folks over at Goldgenie. Having said that, it seems that there is a strong – nay, growing market for luxury handsets, and Hanmac has also jumped aboard the bandwagon. Based in France, Hanmac specializes in coming up with luxury handsets – and it has squarely set its sights on China, offering not one, but two base models to the growing band of affluent people there. The feature phone “Range” and the smartphone “Defency” (upgraded to the “New Defency” it seems) will feature a rather unique steampunk look to them sporting a slew of metal and gear-shaped elements, not to mention merged with an engraving that can be user-customized if you so desire.

Hanmac has the desire to come up with some true blue boutique smartphones, where all of them happen to be assembled by hands – although no doubt about it, certain parts would need to be crafted by machines. In fact, it is said that a solitary unit would require up to 30 days in order to be put together, where they come covered in metal and medical rubber to deliver a high-quality feel. The New Defency flagship is said to sport a quad-core MediaTek 6589 1.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and 64GB of internal memory, costing over $3,000 if you so want one.

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