raspberry pi 2Very recently, the new Raspberry Pi 2 company was announced, and while the first version was a hit amongst DIY-ers, modders, and educators, we reckon the second one should be of even greater interest, and why is this? Because Microsoft has recently announced that they will be officially supporting Raspberry Pi 2.

Prior to this, users who wanted to install Microsoft’s Windows operating system on the device had to turn to tricks and hacks to get it installed. This is because officially users weren’t able to install Windows on it. However with Raspberry Pi 2, Microsoft has made it official that they will be supporting the computer and will actually be releasing a version of Windows 10 that will support it.

That being said it is unclear as to when Windows 10 itself will be made available to the masses, but either way it is still pretty good news for those who are looking forward to getting their hands on Raspberry Pi 2. Microsoft is expected to share more information on how Windows 10 will work with Raspberry Pi 2 in the coming months, so we guess we will learn more then.

As it stands the Raspberry Pi 2 computer is available for purchase. It is priced at $35 and some of the upgrades the company has made to it includes doubling up on the RAM and is powered by a quad-core ARMv7 processor clocked at 900MHz, but other than that it is more or less the same device as its predecessor.

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