apple_logoAs many of you guys have heard by now, there is a rumor quickly making its rounds on the internet which seems to suggest that Apple could be working on an electric car of their own. The project is said to have been approved a year ago and Apple has a team of hundreds already in place.

That being said, are there any proof to these claims? For those looking for evidence, 9to5Mac’s Jordan Kahn has put together a list of some of the team members of Apple’s rumored electric car project codenamed “Titan”. This is based on 9toMac’s sources but since it is possible that they could be working on just about anything at Apple, it should probably be taken with a grain of salt for now.

One of the more notable hires is Lauren Ciminera who joined Apple back in September 2014 and who used to worked for Tesla as their lead recruiter. Chances are her new position at Apple will see her vet potential candidates in the automotive field who might be a good fit for Project Titan. There is also David Perner who used to work at Ford as a product engineer for the company’s hybrid electric vehicle system, and John Ireland who was Tesla’s senior power train test engineer.

Robert Gough is also said to be one of Apple’s new hires who worked at Autoliv, a company that designed safety systems including airbags, seatbelts, to radar and night vision systems. These are just some of the new recruits Apple has hired, most of whom have had some kind of experience in the automotive industry. Whether or not it is by coincidence is anyone’s guess, but all of this certainly seems to point towards Apple’s rumored plan for an electric car.

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