Technology companies seem to have developed an obsession with the auto market. For the past few years Google has been hard at work to crack the self-driving car code. Google already has a prototype of its own up and running, it is committed to these efforts even as competition mounts. Japanese electronics giant Sony is reported to have slightly similar ambitions.

The Financial Times reports that Sony is joining forces with ZMP, a Japanese startup that’s developing self-driving cars, and is even investing 100 million yen in the company. The 100 million yen or $840,000 investment buys Sony a roughly 2 percent stake in ZMP.

Both companies will reportedly work to develop self-driving car technologies by particularly leaning on Sony’s experience in image sensors and combining it with ZMP’s robotics knowhow.

Another big name that’s expected to join this race soon is Apple. Recent reports suggest that the company has started hiring new talent that can help with the development of an all electric car.

It has also been reported that Apple’s all electric car will be able to drive itself as well. Many believe that this would further increase the pressure on Tesla that’s already having to deal with the Chevrolet Bolt, a relatively cheap all electric car that will take on its Model 3 within a couple of years.

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