apple-carplayEver since it was revealed last Friday that Apple could be working on an electric car, more information has started coming out of the woodwork, with the latest report from Reuters suggesting that not only will Apple’s vehicular efforts be electric, but it will be a self-driving electric car as well.

The original report from The Wall Street Journal had one of their sources tell them that a self-driving car was not part of Apple’s plans, so it would seem that the latest report from Reuters is contradicting those claims, although we guess ultimately both reports do seem to acknowledge that an Apple-made car is being developed.

Some have pointed out that the gizmo attached to the roof of the mysterious Apple car are sensors to help it drive itself which would seem to corroborate these claims, however others believe that the sensors are meant for mapping and could lead to the creation of something similar to Google’s Street View.

Assuming the report from Reuters is to be believed, Apple certainly has a lot of competition in front of them from the likes of Google and Tesla in terms of self-driving and electric cars. This might explain Apple’s interest in poaching employees from Tesla. In any case it should all be taken with a grain of salt for now, but it definitely does seem like an interesting direction for Apple to be headed.

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