Many of us anticipate new software updates for our smartphones, particularly those of us who use high-end devices, since updates often bring new features and improvements for the devices. T-Mobile is now making it easier for folks who depend on it to release updates to see when an OTA notification will arrive. The carrier has added a software update tracker to its website through which users can see when T-Mobile is going to release an update for their device.

The carrier’s tracker breaks down the release process in three major steps: Manufacturer Development, T-Mobile Testing and Completed.

Android updates are first packaged by the manufacturers before they’re provided to the carriers which then make their own tweaks and additions to it. When both processes are done only then is the new software released over-the-air to users.

Even though majority of GSM devices are compatible with T-Mobile’s network the carrier’s tracker is only keeping up with some of the most popular high-end devices like the Nexus 4, 5, 7 (2013), the HTC One M7 and M8, Galaxy Note 3 and 4, Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S5.

Its a good tool if you use T-Mobile and are always curious about when the carrier is going to release a new software update for your device. If you’re not into this then the tool does little to change your life in any meaningful way.

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