twitter fireThe thing about social media is that for the most part, it is public which also means that you’ve got to be careful about what you post and say in the event that someone sees it and you could get in trouble over it. For example we’ve seen people get arrested and over what they have said on social media, and it looks like despite these examples, some people just don’t seem to learn.


Recently a teen made a post on Twitter about how she was not looking forward to starting her new job the next day, although she did phrase it with some expletives. Unfortunately for her, her would-be boss was also on Twitter and saw her message to which he responded by saying, “And….no you don’t start that FA job today!  I just fired you!  Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

Interestingly enough despite being fired publicly on Twitter, the teen’s messages don’t show her to be too upset about it, so we guess she really wasn’t looking forward to it anyway. However there are some who are skeptical over this spectacle as her boss’ account only has 15 tweets to date, leading some to question the authenticity.

Her boss replied to the skeptics claiming that he has not used his account (which was created in 2009) for a long time and only decided to check it recently. Regardless of whether this could simply be a marketing stunt, the fact remains that what you post on social media could get you into trouble, so be careful because you never know who could be reading!

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