A gun is typically used to wound or kill, but what if there was a bullet that could be used to deter criminals instead of killing them? You might point out that rubber bullets exist for those purposes, but police don’t always carry rubber bullets, plus they would have to swap out ammo which would be impossible in tense situations.

That’s where the invention above comes in. In the video above, it demonstrates how police officers could attach an accessory to the front of their gun which would fire off a metal ball at the target, as opposed to an actual bullet. What the metal ball does is that it absorbs the impact of the bullet and reduces its speed down tremendously.

This means that if the gun were to be fired at the criminal, it would wound them without actually killing them. The attachment can be easily attached and removed, as demonstrated in the video above. Is there a chance that it could kill? According to its inventor, there is a very slight chance, but definitely way smaller than an actual bullet.

As it stands the attachment is being trailed by the police department in Ferguson, a city whose police department has recently come under scrutiny over the killing to Michael Brown. It’s an interesting idea but what do you guys think?

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