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Man Shot By Shotgun Saved By His iPhone 5c
The iPhone 5c, while created with the best intentions, was not Apple’s best-selling product. In fact many are wondering if a repeat of the “C” phone this year is truly needed but that’s a debate for another time. In the meantime it seems that over in the UK, the police have attributed the phone to saving a man’s life.As you can see in the image above, the shows the iPhone […]

US Army Testing Clip-On Rifle Ray Gun Attachments
It is only in movies that we see guns firing lasers, sonic blasts, rays, and etc. In real life and for the most part, guns just fire regular bullets. However it looks like the US Army is trying to give its soldiers an edge over the enemy as it appears that they are testing ray gun attachments for their soldiers’ rifles.Dubbed the Burke Pulser attachment, basically these ray gun attachments […]

This Gun Attachment Could Potentially Help To Save Lives
A gun is typically used to wound or kill, but what if there was a bullet that could be used to deter criminals instead of killing them? You might point out that rubber bullets exist for those purposes, but police don’t always carry rubber bullets, plus they would have to swap out ammo which would be impossible in tense situations.That’s where the invention above comes in. In the video above, […]

3D Printed Guns Could Be Armed With Steel-Reinforced Bullet
It is more or less a well known fact by now that 3D printed guns could be a potential threat to the lives of many, especially when it can be smuggled into a Parliament sitting. Well, gun enthusiasts themselves have not really taken to a 3D printed gun too fondly, simply because it is made out of plastic materials and can be attributed to less powerful ammunition, relatively speaking, compared […]


High School Student Creates Smart Gun That Only Unlocks With Fingerprints
There have been a lot of debate about gun safety over the years, and there have been many suggestions that have come up. For example earlier this year gun manufacturer Armatix came up with a solution which is to pair a gun with a smartwatch, thus allowing it to fire only if the smartwatch is in range. This means that if you don’t have the watch, you can’t fire it, […]

Man Poses With Gun While Taking Selfie, Fatally Shoots Himself
While selfies can prove helpful, selfies can also land people in all sorts of trouble and recently in Mexico City, it seems that a man was fatally shot for taking a selfie – by himself. Yup, you did not read that wrong. According to a handful of reports, a 21 year old veterinarian from Mexico City accidentally shot himself in the head while posing for a selfie.We’re not sure if […]

Blade Runner Gun Replica Costs Close To A Grand
Blade Runner, the American dystopian science fiction film that is now a cult classic after being released in 1982 with a far younger and more dashing Indiana Jones/Han Solo/Harrison Ford back then, certainly still has a pretty strong following among movie lovers three decades plus after its initial debut. Having said that, what would you do, and just how far will you go in order to own a piece of […]

Armatix's Smart Gun Won't Shoot Until Smartwatch Is In Range
While the smartwatch craze hasn’t exactly reached new heights, consumers are gradually taking to wearable devices. At this point in time these devices are primarily used for displaying notifications, taking pictures or calls and even monitoring fitness related data. As we all know, there never really just one implementation of a certain technology, and that rings true with smartwatches as well. Gun maker Armatix has developed a new system which basically […]

3D Printed Guns Go Full Metal
3D printers can be quite a menace if one were to make use of it the wrong way, and one of the ways would be to print out parts of a gun and assembling them together. We did hear of a Liberator pistol that was smuggled into the Israeli parliament sometime in the middle of this year, and then there was also the Grizzly which is a 3D-printed rifle. This […]

Gun Box Helps Stow Away Your Firearms Safely
I know that there is this huge debate going on right now (and has been for quite some time already) concerning guns and gun control laws, but this is not what we are here to talk about today. For those of you who own firearms, you know how dangerous it can be if it falls into the wrong hands. Perhaps it is time you forget about the drawer by your […]

3D Printed Gun Maker Can Sell Firearms With Federal License
Ever heard of Defense Distributed before? No? Neither have we, and it is interesting to know that Defense Distributed is actually a project for open-sourced 3D-printable guns, and the “project” has actually picked up a federal license that allows them to not only manufacture, but to sell firearms as well. According to Defense Distributed’s Facebook page, they announced last Saturday alongside an image of the license and a caption that […]

RFID Terminator Gun
Are you paranoid of being tracked by RFID tags in your possessions? You probably won’t want to carry something like the RFID Zapper around, but it can certainly help you kill an RFID tag or two. Basically what this threatening-looking device does is send a very strong electromagnetic field through the RFID tag, causing it to burn out. As can be seen from this video, it’ll work on passports with […]

Phone Gun Leads To Arrest
Italian police have arrested a 28-year old man in a Naples suburb for carrying a gun that of all things – came disguised as a phone! This phone gun is equipped with a dummy display and can hold four lethal .22 bullets. It slides sideways to turn it into a gun, where the stubby antenna is a barrel while one of the keys function as the trigger. This is getting […]

.22-caliber knife gun slices, shoots
With muggings happening on a daily basis all over the neighborhood, make sure you do your part by picking up this G.R.A.D. .22-caliber gun which actually comes under the guise of a knife. The designer was probably inspired by the good old bayonet that soldiers relied on to perform their finishing move in case the bullet-riddled enemy has yet to give up the ghost. Each G.R.A.D. costs $699 and can […]