If you run marathons, chances are you might have tried a variety of supplements to help keep your energy levels up and to keep you hydrated, and while bananas are a great source of energy, Japanese juice and ketchup company Kagome is trying to promote the idea that tomatoes might be a better idea.

So much so that the company has actually come up with a working robot that one can piggyback so that while you run, it will be able to feed you tomatoes on a regular basis, thus keeping your energy levels up through the entire race. If you think it sounds silly and might be a joke, think again because the company actually built a fully functioning robot which you can check out in the video above.

There are actually two versions of the device, one of which you can see in the promo video above that looks like you have a small child riding on your shoulders, and another which is a more compact version that you wear on your back, but either one will dispense tomatoes and can even be set on a timer so that you get fed at regular intervals.

While we doubt that many marathon runners will be strapping that contraption to their back, we have to applaud their ingenuity all the same, but would you wear something like that on your next run?

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