twitter-crimeTrying to look for a tweet on Google? Sure you can, and while Google will bring up Twitter’s pages in search results, it won’t actually show the tweet in its entirety, which means there is an extra step that you have to take to view the tweet. Given that sometimes tweets contain important information like updates, product announcements, and news, it is understandable why some people might be Googling tweets in the first place.


However according to a report from Bloomberg, that extra step could soon be history. The publication is reporting that according to their sources, they have heard that Twitter has struck up a deal with Google in which tweets made on Twitter will actually be displayed in full in search results. This particular feature is expected to roll out in the first half of the year where instead of Google crawling Twitter for info, it will come from Twitter directly.

This seems to be part of Twitter’s plans to expand their reach. Recently it was announced Twitter’s ads will now be visible in other apps in a bid to expand the platform and also to reach a wider audience. The new ads will be visible in Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. Now if you’re wondering why this deal sounds familiar, it is because both companies had struck up something similar many years ago, but Twitter had let it lapse in a bid to have more control over their own content.

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