Revenue collected by agencies of the U.S. government ends up in the country’s Treasury. Last year some $3.37 trillion in revenue was collected, which works out to be some $90 billion every single day, and the public put into the government’s piggy bank. The Treasury today announced that its going to embrace payments technology that is already being widely used for many years now. It is going to start accepting some payments through PayPal and Dwolla.

This effort is being initialized with a pilot program on It is a secure online portal which collects more than $100 billion every year. People will be able to use PayPal and Dwolla on

In a statement released today the Treasury said that the aim here is to provide people with various electronic payments options “to achieve the long term goal of moving to electronic transactions,” and moving away from “less efficient” paper based transactions, and for this purpose the Treasury will use services available in the private sector.

Corvelli McDaniel, Assistant Commissioner for Revenue Collections Management for Fiscal Service said “We are committed to operational excellence and continually improving our business processes; digital wallets help us achieve that goal.”

This small move will certainly go a long way in making peoples’ lives much easier since they can simply use these services to quickly and safely pay up as and when required.

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