microsoft__logoAre you looking forward to getting your hands on the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, but when exactly is it being released? Earlier this week Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul who heads up the Insider program teased that we might be able to expect the build to be released this week along with a Windows 10 features demonstration video, but how sure are we that is happening?

Unsurprisingly fans have kept up the pressure for Aul to provide a more specific date, but Aul has kept firm by not giving out anything, at least until recently where he posted on Twitter a puzzle for fans to solve. Responding to a fan, Aul wrote, “I love the creative ways you guys try to squeeze me :-) How about a puzzle? This is a REAL answer if you can solve it: 1316.”

Yup, basically if you can solve that puzzle “1316”, you will know when the Technical Preview for Windows 10 for phones will be released. Some have taken the numbers to mean the 13th of February at 4PM (or 1600 hours in military time) and it does seem to be a pretty logical deduction.

Others have speculated “1316” could be in minutes which means that it could be released in less than a day, while other users have come up with more elaborate speculations. The Verge’s Tom Warren even ventured a guess to say that it could even be released today which we’re more than OK with, but what do you guys think? What does “1316” mean?

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