apple-tvMost of the time, people would think that Apple products do happen to be overpriced, although their apologists claim that you are buying more than the components and the functions, as there good aesthetics also go a long way in the use of a device. Well, the Apple TV is not something that everyone rushed out to purchase the moment it was revealed, and neither has it achieved the kind of fanbase that the iPhone and iPad has to date – although the latest announcement from Cupertino might just help swing things a little bit more in Apple TV’s favor, by mentioning that Apple TV will have a new price of just $69 a pop, which makes it a whole lot more accessible to the masses, as opposed to its previous price point of $99.

Not only that, at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event that is happening even as you read this (as at press time), we have also heard that HBO Now will be an Apple hardware exclusive, and this will encompass the likes of the iPhone, iPad and the far more affordable Apple TV. Do you think that the $69 price point of Apple TV will make it more inclined to being an impulse purchase?

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