cortana windows 10We all pronounce words differently and to a certain extent, voice recognition software can pick up on some different tones and accents. However for some users with particularly thick accents, not all voice recognition systems will be useful for them. However the good news is that with Windows 10, Cortana appears to have gained a new feature which is the ability to learn your voice.

According to the folks at WinBeta who tested out Windows 10 build 10036, one of the new features of Cortana is the ability to learn and understand your voice. As you can see in the screenshot above, Cortana will ask the user to say several different phrases to get an idea of how certain words are pronounced. Once that’s done, technically Cortana should be able understand you better.

Some other improvements made to Cortana includes making it faster at querying commands than in the previous build which was apparently rather slow and laggy, but with the latest build of Windows it seems that those problems have been taken care of. It’s an interesting approach Microsoft is taking with Cortana and a rather clever one at that.

The company is said to have plans to bring Cortana onto iOS and Android devices and if the voice training feature is part of it, it is possible for the voice assistant program to beat out the competition.

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