facebook phoneFacebook is a company that seems to want to do everything. Not content with being the largest social network at the moment, it now appears that the company is interested in creating Android dialer apps. This is according to the folks at Android Police who have recently received screenshots which seems to prove Facebook’s intentions.

As you can see in the screenshot above, it talks about a Facebook app called “Phone”. Obviously the feature was not meant to go public as it is accompanied by the tag that says, “FB-ONLY” so it looks like someone launched it live by accident. However according to the app’s description, it talks about how the app will act as a caller ID of sorts to identify who is calling you.

It also appears to be able to automatically block calls based on commonly blocked numbers. We’re not sure how this works but given that a lot of companies have created Facebook Pages and have listed their phone numbers, it is possible that Facebook will draw from their huge database the names and numbers of companies who might be calling you.

It is unclear if the Phone app will ever be made a reality as we’re sure Facebook conducts many experiments with apps and services that might not make it to consumers, but we’ll keep a lookout for more details regarding this Phone app.

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