fujitsu liquidOur smartphones do get hot from time to time, especially while charging, while on the phone, or while playing games, this is normal. However rarely do phones get so hot that they become dangerous, but just in case you’d rather be safe than sorry, Fujitsu has recently unveiled liquid cooling technology that could make its way into smartphones.

The technology involves a loop heat pipe that attaches itself to your smartphone’s CPU and from there it will be able to pump liquid coolant through your phone in order to cool it down. According to the folks at Fujitsu, “A working fluid is encapsulated inside this closed loop as a coolant. The heat from the heat source evaporates the coolant, and the energy that goes into evaporating the coolant is taken away from the heat source, lowering its temperature. It is based off of the same principle used when sprinkling water on pavement to reduce heat.”

This isn’t the first time we have heard of liquid cooled smartphones. In fact back in 2013 NEC unveiled the X 06E which featured liquid cooling technology as well with a water-filled pipe that ran alongside its CPU. That being said we’re not sure why more smartphones aren’t adopting this technology, but perhaps the added bulk and the fact that it isn’t truly necessary might have given some manufacturers pause, but would you like to see liquid cooling tech make its way into more smartphones in the future?

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