Salt Lake City residents rejoice! Google just confirmed that its gigabit internet service is heading to your city. Over the past few months Google Fiber has gradually been expanded into more markets. Salt Lake City is the next stop for the gigabit internet service. It joins Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham metro areas in the design phase as Google builds its fiber network.

Google points out that Salt Lake has much more than mountain vistas and “fantastic ski slopes.” There’s a booming technology sector there with a vibrant local culture and great universities so Fiber is a great fit for this city.

Despite the fact that Google has confirmed Salt Lake City as yet another metro area in which its gigabit service will be present, it will take some time for Google Fiber to arrive, as the company will have to work with the aforementioned cities to plan out where it lays its fiber-optic cables.

The company will reveal pricing details at some point later this year. It also lists San Jose, Portland and San Antonio as “potential” cities where it could possibly expand Fiber next.

Residents of these cities can keep their fingers crossed and hope that it’s feasible for Google to bring the gigabit service to their city. Who doesn’t love superfast internet?

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