gopro-squareAs it is, the GoPro is a pretty small camera and it makes sense because it is an action camera designed to be worn on a body harness, a helmet, or carried around on a monopod all day, so the small body would go a long way in keeping things light and simple. However it seems that GoPro could be considering going even smaller thanks to a recently discovered patent (via Re/code).

As you can see in the image above, it seems that GoPro is mulling the idea of creating a square camera. The device looks like a tiny cube and could be potentially smaller than GoPro’s current lineup which like we said earlier, are pretty damn small to begin with. GoPro confirmed that this was an idea they were toying around with since 2011 but declined to comment on whether it was an actual product that might be announced in the near future.

In a statement a company spokesperson gave to Re/code, “GoPro files patents like these to protect our technology and intellectual property.” We suppose this makes sense but at the same time we can definitely see the potential in creating a smaller and more compact action camera. That being said as far as square cameras are concerned, Polaroid might have beaten GoPro to the punch with the Polaroid Cube that was launched last year, although reviews of the device haven’t exactly been stellar.

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