Earlier today HBO finally confirmed its much rumored standalone internet TV streaming service. We know now that the service is called HBO Now, that it costs $15 per month, and that Apple is the launch partner. HBO CEO Richard Plepler said during the event that the service is exclusive to Apple devices at launch but didn’t say for how long. A spokesman for the cable giant has now clarified things.

A spokesman for HBO tells pcworld that the exclusivity is good for three months. Apple will be the only non-Pay TV provider to offer HBO Now for three months. At launch the service will be exclusive to Apple TV, iPad and the iPhone.

It was further revealed that HBO is in talks with all PayTV providers so it is possible that some might offer HBO Now at launch, this means that people who don’t own an Apple product aren’t out of luck.

Companies like Cox could offer a cable internet service with HBO Now as an add-on, this would still be cheaper than what cable subscribers have to pay for basic channels plus HBO.

It has also been confirmed that there will be a browser-based version of HBO Now available through, providing subscribers with another way to access the service as and when they please.

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