moto-360-smartwatch-review-1It has been speculated that Android Wear could soon support iOS devices. In fact it was just recently that a developer managed to get his iPhone working with his Android Wear device, but is Google really thinking about supporting iOS? Won’t the Android exclusivity tempt iOS users over to using Android handsets as well?

Given that Google has made plenty of their apps and services available to iOS users, we suppose exclusivity isn’t really Google’s style and according to a recent combing through of Android Wear’s code, it has been discovered that there are some references made to iOS compatibility, hinting that Google has already begun the work and it could be rolled out in the near future.

This is according to developer @MohammadAG who tweeted, “#AndroidWear 4.4W (didn’t check 5.0) contains iOS related code(!), class name AncsHandler. I guess that confirms they’re working on it.” It is unclear as to when Google might release the update that will bring about iOS compatibility, but this is something iOS users can keep an eye out for.

It’s also great news for iOS users who might have been disappointed with the features offered by the Apple Watch and its price point which is set much higher than most Android Wear smartwatches out there, but what say you? Are our iOS readers out there excited by the thought of iOS compatibility with Android Wear?

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