navy divingSeasoned divers are probably aware of the use of helium in their scuba tanks which are used to help dilute oxygen, making it easier for divers to breathe when diving deeper underwater. However helium is a non-renewable resource and considering that it is used in all sorts of industries, it might not be such a good idea to waste it.

This is why the navy is trying to do their part by creating a diving suit that will ultimately help reduce the amount of helium wasted during a dive. At the moment the suits rely on a Fly-Away Mixed Gas System (FMGS) which basically releases gases exhaled by the diver into the sea. The gases released include oxygen and helium, but thanks to navy scientists, the new suit has modified the helmet and rebreather to help reduce the amount of helium that is being released.

According to the navy’s website, not only will this help to reduce the amount of helium needed, but it could also lead to cost savings. “Conserving helium can produce a snowball-like effect. FMGS operational cost is driven by transportation, support vessel size, and consumables (largely helium). Reducing helium requirements will reduce deck space requirements, and can thereby positively impact all three cost variables.”

As it stands the navy’s new diving suit is still a prototype and it is unclear as to when it will exit its prototype phase and begin to see widespread adoption.

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