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Navy Tests New Fire Scout Drone Variant
Join the Navy and see the world – or so that is the dream that many aspire to. I am quite sure that one would also be able to find a fair number of high tech weaponry, with many classified ones, when one gets to the higher ups in the Navy. Well, we are pleased to bring you word that Navy is preparing to kick off operational testing of its […]

Navy Develops Prototype Diving Suit That Helps Conserve Helium
Seasoned divers are probably aware of the use of helium in their scuba tanks which are used to help dilute oxygen, making it easier for divers to breathe when diving deeper underwater. However helium is a non-renewable resource and considering that it is used in all sorts of industries, it might not be such a good idea to waste it.This is why the navy is trying to do their part […]

US Navy Shows Off Its SAFFiR Firefighting Robot
Firefighting is a dangerous business and every year we hear of firefighters losing their lives and risking them to help put out fires and save others in the process, so we have to wonder when could it be when robots could actually replace human firefighters, thus taking out some of the risk in the process?While we’re not sure when we can see robot firefighters on land, the US Navy has […]

Navy Unveils Tuna-like Robot
Work for the U.S. Navy, and you get to see the world, or so the saying goes. The thing is, the folks over at the Navy do seem to have their fair share of toys to play around with, such as a recently tested laser that ought to send chills down the spine of many of the U.S.’ enemies. Well, it seems that they also have another weapon up their […]


U.S. Navy Deploys Laser In The Persian Gulf
Earlier this year, we did bring you word that the U.S. Navy is all set to deploy their first laser weapon, and that historic moment happened a couple of days back. This particular laser weapon might actually usher in the age of Star Wars, so to speak, where it is capable of destroying a target from afar without having to go through the usual missile deployment. The amphibious transport ship […]

U.S. Navy Looks To Equip Humvees With Lasers To Counter Drones
If you have watched Sharknado, you would most probably know just how cheesy things can get, but and I am quite sure that the idea of laser-mounted sharks have also tickled your imagination at least once in the past. Well, here is a more modern take on that thought, where the U.S. Navy intends to equip Humvees with a laser weapon. This laser will be used to shoot down drones […]

Navy Engineers To Deploy Laser Weapon Later This Summer
We did talk about how the U.S. Navy has every intention to deploy a railgun on their ships by the time 2016 arrives, but railguns are not the only weapons of choice for their fleet. It seems that Navy engineers happen to be making final adjustments to a laser weapon prototype which will deploy aboard the USS Ponce later this summer, being a first of its kind to boot. This […]

Navy To Deploy Railgun In 2016
Remember the railgun that took down Devastator from afar in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen? That was certainly a scene to remember, and I also think of the railgun in Quake 2 that would be able to pick more than one opponent simultaneously if they so happened to be in the way. The U.S. Navy is not too far behind such a fantasy weapon, as they have outlined plans […]

U.S. Navy Tests Out Firefighting Robot
When you hear of a former United States naval vessel being set on fire later this coming August, fret not, it is not a naval exercise that had gone awry, and neither is it a successful terrorist attack, but rather, the U.S. Navy intends to use it as a platform to test firefighting robots. The use of firefighting robots are meant to prevent the loss of lives in the event […]

US Navy Launches UAV From Submarine
One good thing about submarines is this – they can be silent predators of the sea, moving around from coast to coast while carrying a whole lot of nuclear firepower, making it a potential threat to any enemy country. Well, it seems that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) with funding from SwampWorks at the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Department of Defense Rapid Reaction Technology Office (DoD/RRTO) […]

Laser Beams Offer Navy Boats Protection
Have you ever wondered just how powerful Cyclops’ (of the X-Men fame) optic blasts can be when he unleashes them without his ruby quartz glasses? I guess depending on the writer, the power behind his optic blasts vary, but the idea of firing lasers from a vessel has more or less remained within the realm of science fiction for a long time, at least not until now. It seems that […]

US Targets Small Ships As Drone Bases
The US military has proven to be a premier worldwide fighting force, or at least that is what popular culture depicts, and here is another creative approach to warfare in the seven seas. They intend to make use of fleets of tiny ships which will perform as platforms for unmanned aircraft (aka drones) to land and take off, now how about that? According to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects […]

US Navy wants jets powered by seawater
Each year, the US Navy consumes around $11 billion worth of fuel – which is a whole lot of money when you think about it. Well, scientists over at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) might help ease the burden of forking out so much money just for fuel alone, that they have managed to come across a process which can transform seawater into jet fuel. It sounds more like […]

New Naval app secretly recreates environments from your phone
The Naval Warfare Surface Center in Crane, Indiana today revealed a smartphone app that puts the capability of modern smartphones to observe areas in sharp relief and shows the power of malware to tap into those capabilities. The app, PlaceRaider, is capable of running in the background of any smartphone running Android 2.3. While running in the background, it takes photos at random while recording the orientation and location of […]