googleartnewtabOpening up a new tab in Chrome usually takes you to the home page or whatever page you have set it at. Sometimes the page is functional in the sense that you can always use it, like to display news or the weather, but sometimes some people choose to leave it blank because they don’t know what to fill it with.

However if you’re a fan of classic paintings, there is a new Google Chrome extension that you might want to check out. The Google Art Project extension is the extension in question and in case the name wasn’t obvious enough, this extension will basically display classic paintings in your tabs.

This is similar to what Google did for its Earth View extension, although in this case instead of viewing satellite imagery, we can enjoy some famous paintings right in our browser instead. The extension will pull artwork from Google Art Project and will display famous paintings from various museums and galleries around the world.

It’s a fun extension and if you want something pretty to look at instead of a blank white space, then head on over to the Chrome Web Store to get your hands on it free of charge and save yourself a couple of trips to the museum in the process!

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