shield-nvidiaNVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has recently announced that its Shield range of products would have yet another member – and this will be simply known as “Shield”, and has nothing to do with Marvel’s Avengers superhero team. The NVIDIA Shield is said to be a set-top box that will run on NVIDIA’s very own Tegra X1 chipset (as rumored), as it falls back upon Android from Google as the operating system of choice, being Google’s new TV platform.

It is said that the new NVIDIA Shield will be able to support 4k content that has been encoded with H.265, not to mention boasting of the ability to stream local content from NVIDIA-powered PCs at 1080p60. Apart from that, the NVIDIA Shield is also capable of supporting the company’s game-streaming initiative that is known a Grid.

Taking advantage of Google’s entertainment ecosystem via Google TV, the NVIDIA Shield will have YouTube accessibility, not to mention being able to play nice with the Google Play Store as well. It will also be able to support Google voice search function. The new NVIDIA Shield is all set to launch later this coming May for $199 a pop. This is certainly a whole lot different from the SHIELD that we saw a couple of years back for sure!

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