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NVIDIA Enables Deeper Integration Of Google Home With Shield
NVIDIA is enabling deeper integration of Google Home with Shield. The device already comes with Assistant but it doesn’t quite have the same features that you would found on other Assistant devices. This deeper integration between the two should address some of the inconsistencies that users have noticed.

LTE NVIDIA SHIELD Finally Gets Android 6.0.1 Update
NVIDIA sent out the very first Android Marshmallow update for the SHIELD Tablet last year. After releasing said update for the SHIELD K1 it said that the original SHIELD tablet is going to get the update early next year. As promised, it did release the update but for the Wi-Fi only model. It has taken more time to get it ready for the LTE version and today the LTE NVIDIA […]

New NVIDIA Shield Tablet Spotted
It appears that NVIDIA might have a new Shield tablet in the pipeline because one seems to have been spotted in the company’s recent FCC filings, these filings often give us a glimpse of upcoming devices so it’s not at all surprising to see this. The filing is accompanied with diagrams of the product which looks to be of roughly the same size as the existing NVIDIA Shield gaming tablet.

Original Shield Tablet Gets Marshmallow
Late last year NVIDIA first teased some of the new features that would be coming to the Shield Tablet K1 with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update before releasing the update just in time for the holidays. Aside from bringing all features that are part and parcel of Marshmallow, the update also added some features from NVIDIA like a new camera app. The original Shield tablet didn’t get much love though but […]


Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 Spotted On GFXBench
While we brought you word earlier this month concerning the folks over at Nvidia bringing back the Shield Tablet as the K1, here we are with a spotting of the Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 over on GFXBench, and the main reason for such a naming convention is pretty simple – it all boils down to the kind of chipset that is used. Apparently, in the GFXBench ratings, the presence of […]

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Gets Android 5.1.1 Update
Slightly more than a week ago, we did hear that the NVIDIA SHIELD Portable has received the Android 5.1 Lollipop update, and just earlier this morning, we brought you word that the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has been issued a recall due to a potential overheating hazard. Well, perhaps it would be a good idea to just send in your device for the recall and obtain a new one from NVIDIA, […]

NVIDIA Recalls SHIELD Tablets
NVIDIA’s SHIELD tablet, having picked up the Android 5.1 Lollipop update a couple of months ago, might seem to be humming along nicely, but it looks as though some tough times are up ahead. In other words, NVIDIA has announced a voluntary recall of its SHIELD 8-inch tablets, although not the entire batch was affected, since only SHIELD tablets that were sold between July 2014 and July 2015, that will […]

Alleged NVIDIA SHIELD Shows Up At The FCC
It looks like NVIDIA’s upcoming Shield game console that is tipped to roll out later this May is about to make more headway in the news – especially when you take into consideration how the hardware has already gone through the motions over at the FCC – which is essential before it hits store shelves, of course. After all, the FCC website points to the device from NVIDIA as a […]

NVIDIA Announces New Shield 4K Android TV Console
NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has recently announced that its Shield range of products would have yet another member – and this will be simply known as “Shield”, and has nothing to do with Marvel’s Avengers superhero team. The NVIDIA Shield is said to be a set-top box that will run on NVIDIA’s very own Tegra X1 chipset (as rumored), as it falls back upon Android from Google as the operating […]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Sweetens Up With Android 5.0 Lollipop
While Motorola has kept to their word by rolling out Android 5.0 Lollipop extremely early (relatively speaking compared to the other smartphone manufacturers, of course) on their Moto G smartphones, not to mention the LG G3 too, being on the receiving end of the Android 5.0 Lollipop update later this week, it is no surprise then to hear that NVIDIA’s Shield tablet will get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update as […]

NVIDIA Shield Gaming Tablet With 4G LTE Arrives On The FCC
Folks over at the FCC have one pretty interesting aspect about their job – they are able to play with all of the latest devices before it even hits the market, just to make sure that nothing is amiss for the masses. However, when you are faced with a sub-par device, then the job can get rather boring or tedious. Having said that, I am quite sure that they would […]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Starts To Ship
If you have been waiting for the NVIDIA Shield tablet, we are glad to bring you word that the SHIELD tablet has begun to ship. Touted to be the “ultimate tablet” for gamers, we have already taken it out for a spin. The starting price point stands at $299 a pop, where it will arrive with a slew of next-generation technologies despite arriving in a rather compact form factor of […]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet Spotted On Global Certification Forum Site
The folks over at NVIDIA do not only come up with graphics chipsets and cards for computers and consoles, they have also ventured into the world of hardware such as the NVIDIA Shield as well. In fact, the company’s upcoming tablet has not quite yet been announced officially, but we do know that we have seen a Shield tablet product page appear over on NVIDIA’s website for a little while […]

Portal To Debut On NVIDIA Shield Next Week
There are some games that are worth playing a few years down the road, even after you have successfully mastered it for the longest time already. I suppose that would place such titles under the category of “Classics”, if you will, as these tend to have a timeless feel to them. Well, Valve’s famous title, Portal, is touted to appear on the NVIDIA Shield portable console some time next week, […]

NVIDIA Shield To Get Temporary Price Cut
The NVIDIA Shield, a portable Android-powered game console that was launched some time in the middle of last year, will apparently receive a temporary price cut. Just how much money will you be able to save if you were to pick up the NVIDIA Shield now? Well, we are looking at a savings of $50, which means the price of the NVIDIA Shield between now until the end of next […]