drive pxNVIDIA might be known as a company that produces graphic cards, but the company’s involvement in automobiles has spanned several years. In fact the company is behind the digital dashboard found in some of Tesla’s vehicles. Now some of you guys might recall that earlier this year at CES, NVIDIA teased its Drive PX platform, and now it looks like come this May it will finally go on sale.

Drive PX, for those unfamiliar, is a self-driving car platform developed by NVIDIA. The platform is powered by two of NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processors and has the ability to deliver as much as 2.3 teraflops of performance. This means that the platform is powerful enough to analyze data streamed from as many as 12 cameras and allow advanced driver assistance features to run all at once.

This includes surround view, collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, mirror-less operation, cross-traffic monitoring, and driver-state monitoring. In fact NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsu Huang believes that Drive PX is 3,000 times more powerful than DARPA’s own autonomous vehicle technology, DAVE.

It will also include a neural network SDK called DIGITS, which according to NVIDIA “is a deep learning training system that can be run on systems powered by our GPUs – including our new DIGITS DevBox development platform – and that lets computers train themselves to understand objects in the world around them.” Ultimately this should help make self-driving cars smarter than ever. The Drive PX development kit will go on sale in May where it will be priced at $10,000.

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