MacBook-Pro-Coating-800x450We suppose it’s fair to say that laptops and desktop computers are subject to wear and tear, and that a day will come where our electronics will no longer function as fast or as smoothly as it used to, and it will lose the shine that it had when we first opened it. However it seems that there have been numerous complaints about the Retina MacBook Pro and how its anti-reflective coating has started to peel for some users.

As you can see in the image above, this has left a rather ugly mark on the computer, not to mention there will be patches which will be anti-reflective and there will be patches that aren’t. What makes this worse is that this happened to several users despite them following Apple’s instructions on how to take care of their MacBook Pro’s display.

According to one user, “I had the exact same problem, and I followed the cleaning instructions on the Apple website: a lint free cloth and a small amount of water. Was trying to remove a mark in the corner of my screen and a shiny scratch appeared on the bezel. It grew in size and it looked like the coating on the bezel was coming off like everyone is saying.”

Some users have had luck getting their laptops repaired while being under warranty, while others were told that cosmetic damages were not covered, and that if they wanted to get it fixed they’d have to pay a service charge that would cost them hundreds of dollars. It is unclear if this is merely an issue of wear and tear or poor quality coating, but is your MacBook Pro affected by this?

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