TinyUmbrella-4.30.00When it comes to jailbreaking your iOS device, it’s usually a good idea to save your SHSH blobs which basically lets you “save” that current version of iOS you are running in case you decide to do away with the jailbreak, or if after upgrading to a later build of iOS and you find that jailbreaking that version is not possible.


However Apple caught on to the method and patched iOS that made apps like TinyUmbrella useless. The good news is that Apple might have had a change of mind or maybe they forgot to repatch the because a new version of TinyUmbrella has since been released that allows users to save their SHSH blobs.

In fact the new version of TinyUmbrella is even more easy to use than before (not that it was particularly complicated). This version features a stripped-down interface with a single button that basically saves all your blobs in a single click after connecting your iOS device to the computer.

Like we said it is unclear as to why/how TinyUmbrella has started working again, but it’s good news for users who might want to keep existing builds of iOS 8 around, just in case the next major iOS release has a negative impact on your device’s performance and they are looking to downgrade.

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