sony-morpheusVirtual reality, or VR for short, happens to be one segment of the future that is currently experiencing its fair share of advancements, and here we are with Sony having announced that its Sony Morpheus VR headset is all set to hit the market some time in the first half of next year. The PlayStation manufacturer has laid claim that its updated VR technology will be able to ‘push the boundaries of play’.

The Morpheus VR headset will play nice with the Sony PS4, according to Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios. In fact, Sony has also gone ahead by updated this particular VR headset, which will encase the wearer’s eyes in order to deliver a sense of being in an environment that is viewed through its visor-like screen.

The Morpheus VR headset will boast of an OLED display complete with 1080p resolution that is capable of generating images at 120 frames per second, which would be double the performance of the model revealed in the previous year’s Game Developers’ Conference (GDC). Apart from that, there will also be under 18 millisecond latency, which Yoshida claims will be indistinguishable from the way in which humans actually view the real world. With Samsung, HTC and Valve also digging their heels into this industry, it would be interesting to see who the eventual winner will be, if there is one.

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