Tesla conducted a press call today. The main agenda was Musk and co.’s vision to eliminate “range anxiety.” The company has revealed that a new software update for its Model S cars will ensure that drivers don’t fear running out of range. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk also revealed that a software update will be released for the Model S in about three months which will add an “autopilot” self-driving mode.

The software update will essentially flip the switch on an auto-steering mode for the Tesla Model S, Musk refers to its as “autopilot,” saying that the car will be able to go between San Francisco and Seattle “without the driver doing anything.”

Tesla’s autonomous system, which powers the auto-steering feature, can only be turned on when the Model S is on a highway. It won’t be of much use if you’re driving the all electric car in the city.

Musk did say that the system is technically capable of going from “parking lot to parking lot,” but the company isn’t going to switch on that capability in the Model S because it doesn’t think “it’s likely to be safe in suburban neighbourhoods.”

Though the company’s vision for the future surely includes a situation where Tesla owners can summon their car to the location without having to be in it, and even tell the car to park itself in the garage unmanned and unsupervised.

Musk also clarified that the “autopilot” feature should not be confused with a fully autonomous driving system so drivers are advised to pay attention when they’re using the mode on highways.

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