3D printing is awesome as it has given us a ton of cool projects, like 3D printing an old Honda motorcycle and recently, a man from New Zealand managed to 3D print a tiny drill that works. Speaking of tiny 3D printed objects, Formi Lab’s Michael Curry has recently decided to 3D print a tiny television, which when combined with a tiny display will actually work.


The 3D printed TV is based on the Philco Predicta television design from back in the 1950s. The design itself is iconic and even if you’ve never owned one, chances are you might have seen it being used in TV shows or in movies. In fact trying to get your hands on such a device, one that is working as well, would be a tough job, not to mention potentially expensive due to its collector-status.

However Curry managed to recreate it in a miniaturized form through the use of the Formlab Form+1 3D printer along with the use of clear resin. To get the display to work, he used an Adafruit 2-inch LCD display and loaded it up with the sci-fi classic, “The Man from Planet X” into its memory. The end result is a pretty cute looking device and if you want to try and print it on your own, Curry has posted the .form file online so that anyone with a 3D printer will be able to do so.

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