vzw-earth-hourThis coming Saturday, which is the 28th of March, at 8:30 p.m. local time, will see the folks over at Verizon turn off the lights. Just how much of an impact will that be? Well, we are looking at close to 500 of its buildings in 37 countries worldwide, as Verizon takes part in this year’s edition of Earth Hour. Overall, Verizon will darken 25 million square feet (which is over 2.3 million square meters) of building space around the globe, and to put it into perspective, that would be close to a dozen Empire State Buildings.

It has been the trend for Verizon as well as its employees worldwide to take part in the Earth Hour movement since 2010, and their effort also includes helping out the World Wildlife Fund to promote sustainable living, and at the same time, expand energy-efficiency awareness, while making a stand against climate change.

Other parts that Verizon has played include promoting sustainability in its employee culture, encouraging participation in Earth Hour in addition to community-environment events. Do you think doing so is more of a statement of intent, and would the amount of energy saved overall be more than the amount expended to promote Earth Hour to the masses in the first place? Food for thought – if there is no follow up to the efforts made on Earth Hour for the rest of the year, it is pretty much a wasted effort. [Press Release]

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