Microsoft has made a handful of Windows 10 related announcements today and it’s not done yet. The company confirmed during its WinHEC conference today that Windows 10 brings new gestures for precision touchpads and touchscreens. It says that Windows 10 brings expanded support for gestures as cost of the new technology has been “significantly reduced.”

In simple words this means that users will have more gestures that they can use to interact with a device running Windows 10 using a touchpad or a touchscreen.

The new gestures are going to replace the edge gestures currently present on Windows 8.1. Since Windows 10 brings multi-touch gestures I doubt that people are going to miss the edge gestures.

They’re similar to what one might use on a touchscreen, like pinch to zoom and sliding with a single finger, it will be possible to use them on the touchpad as well.

Clearly Microsoft has worked hard to bring multi-touch gestures to its software. Apple has offered its users with easy to use touchpad gestures for quite some time now. Microsoft’s work to make user interaction with the OS more easier is something worth appreciating.

The accompanying image shows the various gestures that users will be able to take advantage of on a Windows 10 device with a touchscreen or trackpad, they will have to use anywhere from one to four fingers to get them to work.

Microsoft will release Windows 10 for consumers over the summer.

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