iPad-selfie-stick-640x412The selfie stick is admittedly a rather clever invention as it allows users to capture images of themselves or big groups of people at once. In some ways it also helps to stabilize the phone and can come in handy if you want to walk around recording a video of yourself. Some selfie sticks are advanced enough where they come with Bluetooth remote controls to trigger your phone camera’s shutter.


However it seems that the phone selfie stick wasn’t enough because it looks like iPad selfie sticks are looking to become the next big (annoying) thing. The folks at Accessory Geeks have recently unveiled a new accessory in the form of an iPad selfie stick, or rather a selfie stick designed to hold tablets. No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke because we’re still a day away from that happening, so yes, if you’re actually interested in such a device it can be yours for only $18.99.

The concept is more or less the same as a selfie stick for phones, except in this case the stick has been designed to hold onto a tablet, which hopefully will be strong and durable enough to hold the weight of a tablet. Granted modern tablets are a lot lighter than their predecessors but it still does seem a tad risky.

According to the description, the attachment head will fit tablets the size of the iPad 2 and the iPad Air 2. As it stands taking photos with tablets are considered a bit of a tech faux pas so we can’t imagine the stares you might get if you had a tablet on the end of a selfie stick, but hey, to each their own, right?

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