mediatekAs it stands for mobile devices, octa-core chipsets are probably the fastest, at least on paper. After all having eight cores does sound better than having four, right? However it seems that things could be taken up a notch thanks to MediaTek in which reports are claiming that the company will be rolling out a 10-core chipset by the end of the year.


According to a Chinese analyst, it seems that MediaTek’s upcoming Helio X20 chipset will feature 10 cores and is said to have produced an AnTuTu benchmark score of above 70,000. This is way above the score of the octa-core MediaTek MT-6795 found in the HTC One M9 Plus which scored above 50,000.

Mass production of MediaTek’s chipset is said to begin by the end of the year and is expected to make its way into high-end handsets coming out of Asia. It is unclear as to how the Helio X20 will function. Will it be a “true” 10-core chipset where all 10 cores are firing off at once; or will it rely on the big.LITTLE architecture that switches between two sets of 5 cores?

Now we’re not sure who might require such a powerful device. After all for the most part, our handsets are more than capable of surfing the internet, sending messages, video chatting, and playing games. However it does make for great marketing and it also opens up the door to potentially more powerful apps in the future.

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