If you were to make a list of some of the most iconic ads that have ever graced the television you’re likely to put Apple’s 1984 spot in the list. It was directed by Ridley Scott for the company’s first Macintosh, a device that had a massive impact on the world of personal computing. Ben & Jerry’s, the folks that make ice cream if you’re unaware, has hilariously recreated that iconic Apple ad to promote one of its new products, called the BRRR-ito.

The recreated ad’s execution is on point, all of the familiar elements are in there. There’s the audience that’s been indoctrinated to use the same old thing, the runner who dashes in throws the new product which breaks down the big screen and introduces them to a whole new world.

Then comes the overlaid text with all too familiar narration, proclaiming that on April 20th, Ben & Jerry’s is going to introduce the BRRR-to. “And you’ll see why 4.20 will be exactly like ‘4.20’.”

As far as the actual product is concerned you won’t be able to get one until tomorrow. Head on over to a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop on April 20th to have a BRRR-ito rolled for you.

It may not do for ice cream what the Macintosh did for personal computing, but hey, the BRRR-ito does sound nice.

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