Traveling by air is not seen by many to be something that is luxurious in this day and age, simply because it isn’t. Having said that, while Business and First Class remains out of reach for most travelers, we are more than well versed with the economy class, or as some say, cattle class. Not only are you the last to board but also the last to leave, woe to you if the inconsiderate passengers at your side have packed more than expected, taking up all of the overhead cabin compartment space, leaving you with no place to squeeze in your material. Boeing might be on to something here, having introduced new cabin bins which are able to hold 50% more luggage, now how about that when it comes to efficiency?


Just when you thought that there is absolutely no more way to make more room in an airplane, along comes Boeing to knock your socks off, thanks to its “space bins” which are said to be able to hold up to 50% additional luggage as opposed to existing designs.

These new overhead compartments, claim Boeing, would let passengers stash more hand luggage on its side, where the new bins will be fitted to select 737 aircraft from the end of this year onward. It is also said to result in a 2” (5cm) reduction in headspace for passengers, arriving with an air vent and light controls that will be a snap to reach. Would you prefer more headspace or additional storage space? Sacrifices need to be made…

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