livestream-droneIt is not every day that one gets to play with a drone, and most of the time, drones can be used to capture footage from a nice, vantage point of view which cannot really be done traditionally. This opens up new horizons when it comes to creating some really stunning photos, but at the same time, privacy issues also abound since the boundaries of its usage become borderless in one sense. You might want to be careful the next time you hear the hum of a drone near you, since it might actually be a sick voyeur who is checking out on what you’re wearing. Having said that, more regulation is required, but back to the topic at hand – this particular drone works differently from the rest since it has the ability to stream live video to YouTube, now how about that?

Such an ability is definitely more than welcome, and it also opens up a whole lot more opportunities to be different in its use. This drone from DJI has the ability to stream high-definition video live to YouTube. Known as the Phantom 3 Vision, it will make use of Lightbridge technology in order to get the job done, so that the drone’s camera will stream live video straight to a handset.

Of course, one can also make use of drones in other creative methods – such as planting a billion plants in a year without having to throw a single seed yourself.

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