darpa-brainThe amalgamation of man and machine – isn’t this the utopian life, where one will be able to have that emotional connection, and yet make all the logical choices, not to mention not having to go through degenerative brain diseases that would adversely affect the quality of life. It seems that DARPA has come up with a two-year research program that will develop what is known as RAM Replay. RAM Replay is a description for implants for ‘Restoring Active Memory’, and this concept has a long history of projects with the aim to deliver an interface which is active at the level of the conscious mind.

In other words, we are talking about a cognitive implant here, where the rawest form will see a cortical modem cost approximately $10 a pop, with the device having the rough size of a couple of coins, now how about that? Do take note, however, that this idea of an implant that will help restore memories in humans is still too far fetched at the moment for present technologies to bring it to pass, so a far more realistic goal would be to ensure that one can store memories in the first place, and even then, it is a downright difficult and challenging task at hand.

Well, you know what they say – the journey of a thousand miles begin with one step.

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