wireless charging ringWireless charging is starting to catch on these days and there are smartphone OEMs who are building that feature into their phones. However if you have a phone that does not have wireless charging but would like that feature, Duracell has recently unveiled the Wireless Charging Ring which as you can see in the image above, adds wireless charging capabilities to your phone/tablet.


Admittedly it does seem a tad unsightly but we suppose that’s just one of the ways you can add wireless charging to your mobile devices. It’s also a bit bulky and will require another piece of equipment to prop it up while it rests on top of the wireless charging mat. Now there are plenty of alternative solutions out there, such as getting a wireless charging case, but if you’d rather not then we suppose you will have much less choices.

If you’re wondering why this looks familiar, it is because it is this is pretty much the same piece of technology that Starbucks offers to their customers for wireless charging. That being said the Duracell Wireless Charging Ring is currently being sold together with its charging mat for $53.98. It will come in a micro USB and Lightning connector option so that iOS users can get in on the wireless charging fun as well.

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