It’s pretty much understood that if you cheat on your significant other you’re going to hurt their feelings. Some people take such news differently than others so you never really know how they’ll react when such a situation arises. A guy in Japan who cheated on his girlfriend probably wouldn’t have expected that she would draw up a very nice bath for all of his Apple products.


It goes without saying that Apple’s devices are priced higher than the competition which is why a collection of the company’s products can easily cost a few thousand dollars.

No wonder the guy had so many Apple products, Japan is actually one of the countries where the company’s devices are very popular, so imagine what he would have felt like seeing all of those devices soaking in a bath tub.

Probably not nearly as bad as his girlfriend who was cheated on, and decided to take away from him what he probably loved the most. The man actually tweeted photos of all his devices soaking in the tub so it looks like he too got a few chuckles out of the ordeal.

In the pictures you can see an iMac, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and other gadgets all of which would have cost a pretty penny. Clearly revenge is best served wet.

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