google-meetings-gmeetGoogle Hangouts is a perfectly good way for users to conduct meetings with each other, thanks to the fact that you can host group video conferences. However it seems that Google could be thinking about taking virtual meetings to the next level with a new service called GMeet. This service was first spotted by Google+ user Florian Kiersch (via Phandroid).

That being said, not much is known about GMeet at the moment, but the service does seem to share similar features as other platforms where users can join meetings and participate in either video form or through audio. At the moment we’re not sure how different GMeet will be compared to Hangouts, but perhaps it was meant to be a more professional version catered to enterprise users with more dedicated meeting schedulers and features, while Hangouts might seem more casual.

At the moment, it seems that it only accepts Googler logins. Presumably this is to prevent outside users from logging into the service and checking it out ahead of its reveal, so safe to say that Google is still testing out the service as we speak. Whether or not it actually passes the test and launches as an actual service remains to be seen, but with Google I/O coming in the next couple of months, perhaps we will learn more then.

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