Google Street View is a handy tool if you’re trying to look for a specific place and want some details that the map just won’t show you, and in some instances it allows users to “travel” the world by exploring the streets of cities that they haven’t gotten a chance to visit, even if it is all the way on the other side of the world.

Now if you’ve always been curious about the Loch Ness and the fabled Loch Ness Monster, you’re in luck as Google’s Street View feature has been extended to the Loch Ness, thus giving users interested in the area and the story the ability to explore it for themselves. While we doubt you will actually stumble across Nessie herself, it does make for some breathtaking scenery, even if it is behind the monitor.

According to Google, “Sail across the freshwater lake and take in its haunting beauty, made darker still by the peat particles found in its waters. Let the Loch unlock the spirit of your imagination, where the rippling water, tricks of the light, and drifting logs bring the legend of Nessie to life.”

Google also teamed up with Adrian Shine who is also the leader of the Loch Ness & Morar Project and has been engaged in fieldwork in the Highlands since 1973. So if you have some time to spare and want to take Google’s latest Street View for a spin, hit up Google’s website for the details, or check out the Street View embed above for one of the samples Google has made available.

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