Clinton 404 Page

Hillary Clinton is breaking the internet with her latest pun-intended error! Not only is she all over the social media, but the error message prompted on her website is earning her extra brownie points.

The message was first spotted by Time’s D.C. editor Ryan Beckwith. The 404 error message –– displays a cute photo of Clinton family that was taken with Donald Duck. And that’s not it, there is a note beneath the image, which reads “Oops, that link wasn’t what it was quacked up to be.”

The pun is clearly intended in the picture and it is indeed a smart way to get something going on with the Bill and Chelsea controversy. Easter egg is a common phenomenon on the internet and Clinton has got it absolutely right.

When we check the sites of other presidential candidates, there is no such interesting stuff found on their sites. All of them offer a standard “Error 404 Page not found” message. Let’s see if they care to add some spice to their sites after Hillary Clinton’s viral-worthy act.

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