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Twitter Will No Longer Allow Political Advertisements
In a tweet by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter), he announced that Twitter will no longer accept or promote political advertising on its platform.In addition to the announcement, he also mentioned – “We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.“This is an indirect message to Facebook in a competition to earn the trust of its users to consider Twitter as a superior platform that is free from political […]

New Phone Buyers Might Need To Register With Personal ID
It looks like purchasing a new handset might get a wee bit more complicated than just having an exchange in money or swiping a credit card. Jackie Speier, a California Congresswoman, has proposed a new bill which will make it compulsory for new phone buyers to register with a personal ID prior to making that new handset’s purchase. The main reason for that? To add another layer of security, so […] Redirects Visitors To Donald Trump’s Website
If there is a reason why companies register a variety of domain names for upcoming products and services, it is because they want to protect their intellectual property and prevent others from misusing it. This is also the same reason why during presidential campaigns, domain names related to candidates are similarly bought up.

Woman Campaigns For Bernie Sanders On Tinder
Tinder, for those unfamiliar, is an app used for dating. People view each other’s profiles and swipe left or right to indicate their interest, and only when two people have expressed interest in each other that they are allowed to chat with one another. However in the past we have seen some creative uses for Tinder for non-romantic purposes.


Hillary Clinton Cracks The Internet With Error 404 Message
Hillary Clinton is breaking the internet with her latest pun-intended error! Not only is she all over the social media, but the error message prompted on her website is earning her extra brownie points.

Balloons Filled With USB Sticks And DVDs Are Being Floated To North Korea
North and South Korea hasn’t had the best of relationships with one another for many, many years. In fact if you read stories and reports about North Korea, it seems that the government practices very heavy propaganda in which they constantly remind its citizens about the perils beyond the borders of its country.However one man by the name of Park Sang Hak has spent years trying to fight the propaganda […]