M9-Photo-Comparison-City-Paper-640x376Earlier we reported that HTC had issued an update to the HTC One M9 that would supposedly fix its camera issues and improve upon its quality. Now we weren’t sure how big of an improvement the update was supposed to bring to the table, but thanks to the folks at Phandroid they have managed to capture some before and after photos which are pretty telling.

As you can see in the sample image above, the difference in quality is pretty noticeable. Before the update, the original photo had some kind of hazy look to it that obscured the sharpness of the photo, however post update, the image is a lot clearer. The colors are also more saturated than before with the yellow in the image popping out more than in the original. It’s still not as good we would have liked but it’s a very big difference.

Photos taken indoors have also improved and are slightly brighter and sharper. For those who were worried about the HTC One M9’s ability to take photos in low-light situations, the update seems to have improved upon it slightly. It does seem a bit noisier than we would have preferred but at least it does not seem too blurry.

The update has also improved upon the flash. Previously the flash was a bit too glaring and basically whitewashed the subject, but after the update, the flash’s intensity seems to have been brought down a bit where photos are now more recognizable. The update has yet to be pushed out to everyone so if you don’t have it yet, fret not as it should be on its way.

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