microsoft logoWhen it comes to choosing platforms for computers, it is safe to say that the majority of us go with Windows. This is because the majority of software has been created for Windows, plus all the years that it has been dominating both the consumer and enterprise space have made it hard for users to make the switch to a different platform, even if that’s what they want to do.

As it stands OEMs have to pay Microsoft a licensing fee if they wish to install the operating system on their computers, but could it be that one day Microsoft might consider making Windows open source and potentially give their operating system away? According to Mark Russinovich, one of Microsoft’s top engineers, the answer is yes.

Russinovich was quoted as saying, “It’s definitely possible. It’s a new Microsoft.” However we should note that this might not necessarily happen anytime soon, it’s just that Microsoft might not be so opposed to the idea. Now we’re sure some of you might wonder why Microsoft could consider an open source Windows?

An argument has been made that if it is free or open source, more users will want to use it, more developers will want to try and shape it into their own creation, all of which should attract a larger audience. Revenue is still possible as larger corporations would still need vendors to package, distribute, and update the platform which is how Linux works at the moment.

Speaking of Microsoft’s .NET, Russinovich said, “It’s an enabling technology that can get people started on other Microsoft solutions. It lifts them up and makes them available for our other offerings, where otherwise they might not be. If they’re using Linux technologies that we can’t play with, they can’t be a customer of ours.” So what do you guys think? Open source Windows – yay or nay?

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